Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend update

It was a weekend of reunions for me. On Saturday after Rachel's Heguru, we rushed off to my JC class reunion at one of my ex-classmates' place in Newton. It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone and it was very interesting to see all the different paths that we all chose after we graduated from JC and university. My class studied double Maths and double Sciences in JC, which was considered part of the engineering faculty, but it turns out that only three are engineers now, with the others choosing paths as varied as pilot, priest, air stewardess, stay-at-home parent, physics teacher, banker, civil servant, lawyer, professor, etc. It was also a birthday for one of my classmates so Richard and I brought a cake for the occasion. There were some children there too, so Ryan had lots of fun and made new friends.

Sunday was almost a repeat of Saturday. After Shichida class, Ryan and I rushed over to Sheri's place to meet up with her, Jousy, Li Lee and Voon Hooi. I asked Richard to stay home with Rachel. Original plan was to have a quiet afternoon at home and he could work while Ryan napped and I looked after Rachel, so I hope he managed to get some work done even though he had Rachel with him.

I tried to keep Ryan awake in the car but in the very last five minutes before I drove up to the condo, he fell asleep. The poor boy was so sleepy and tired. He'd woken up earlier that day with a slight temperature and told us, of his own accord, that he didn't want to go for his swimming class. That was significant because that boy loves the water. He felt better in the afternoon so we went for Shichida but I knew he would need his afternoon nap. I carried him from the car to the unit but he woke up when we got there. Good natured, sociable and polite, my wonderful boy put aside his tiredness and played with some toys, played with the guinea pig, played the piano and watched a cartoon, while I chatted with the ladies.

I didn't take many photos this weekend, at least not photos that are relevant to the blog, so I'm going to share some photos taken at swimming class the Sunday before. You may notice that these look a little different from our usual swimming photos - these were taken with my 85 mm (although I've reduced the resolution for the web).


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