Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy mid-week

I posted this photo on Facebook the other day, which amused quite a number of my friends - little babydoll asleep on the floor. She'd woken up early that morning to play and, in the midst of her play, she was suddenly overcome by sleep and dozed off. She didn't nap for long like that, but long enough for me to brush my teeth and get dressed for work.

Yesterday, Ryan attended a free trial dance class by Centrestage, which was hosted by his pre-school. It was more like a music and movement class, and I think he enjoyed it. He told me this morning that he wanted to wear a skirt and be a "dancer boy". I am perfectly fine with the latter but I think we need to discuss the bit about the skirt a little more.

This is a busy week for us because we are leaving for Malaysia on Thursday after work and will be away for a while. So much to do so I think I have to forgo spring-cleaning for the Lunar New Year - something's gotta give!

Anyway, here's Ryan wishing you a good mid-week!


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