Monday, February 25, 2013

2nd day of Chinese New Year

The second day of Chinese New Year (Monday) began for us with a patch of sunlight on our bedroom floor. Ryan exclaimed, "Ooooh! The light is a rectangle!" and jumped out of bed to play with it.

We had slept till quite late in the morning - a luxury that we never get in Singapore - and the sun was already high in the sky. No matter, we didn't have anywhere to be or anything to do in the morning. We did, however, have a lunch date with Richard's father. We took him to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at The Curve, which Ryan endorsed wholeheartedly.

We collected all the raw vegetables for Rachel and she was happy to be able to join in the fun.

Her grandfather introduced her to her first french fry. The rest is history?

After lunch, we set off on our drive up to Ipoh. I know I always post about the scenery - I really love it.

We arrived in good time, the drive went very smoothly. After we checked into the hotel and everyone enjoyed a good bath, we ventured out for dinner at Lou Wong, a must-stop for us. This year, they were selling balloons along the street outside the restaurant. Ryan picked out a purple Angry Bird.

After dinner, we went over to Uncle Henry's house. Some of my other relatives were there, as well as my mother who had come in from Sydney. Actually, she was in KL when we drove in from Singapore so the littles managed to have some time with her before my brother and she left for Ipoh two days ahead of us.

We stayed and chatted for a while with everyone until about 10.30 pm then we decided to call it a night. Ryan had fallen asleep on the way from the restaurant and Richard was carrying him throughout the time we were at my uncle's house. I think we were all tired, actually. So back to the hotel we went, and that was the end of the second day.


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