Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kidzania again!

Ryan had a sweet treat when we were in KL over Chinese New Year - his friends came to visit! Three families - Rou Ern's, Brayden's and Victoria's - drove up on Friday and stayed till Sunday.

For the children, the highlight of the trip must have been their outing to Kidzania on Saturday! This was Ryan's second time there (read about his first time here).

First stop was the easy one - arts and crafts at Stabilo. Ryan did this the last time he was in Kidzania.

Next stop, shopping at Z-Mart. It was the boys vs the girls. The boys bought bananas, a carrot, some Vitagen, some fish and a doughnut. The girls bought mainly chips and cookies!

Then, it was time to earn some money! They went off to work in construction. That's where the big bucks are! Ryan enjoyed this station a lot - he kept telling me that he got to "work with tools". At home, he's very much into building blocks and making sure things are nice and neat, so this was right up his alley.

Cooking school - learning to make a tuna sandwich! Ryan is second from the right.

It's supposed to look like a happy face...

Upstairs - Vitagen factory and water bottling plant. They each got a bottle of Vitagen and a bottle of mineral water.

The children also went to AirAsia to learn how to be pilots. Didn't get any photos of that though.

Then back downstairs again. I was really keen for Ryan to go for this one - the dentist!

It was a fantastic station because at the briefing, the staff explained how to brush teeth, what happens if they don't brush their teeth, and what the dentist does. A few days after this, I needed to floss Ryan's teeth, and he let me do it without any fuss at all, because I told him it was just like the dentist at Kidzania!

Next stop - the firestation! Ryan tried to get on this one the last time he was in Kidzania but could never catch enough of a crowd. This time, there was a perpetual queue so we left it till our last, and we actually were on the firestation's very last round.

These are the official photographs. RM50 for 3. We were lucky - we got photos of stations that were different from the ones on Ryan's first trip to Kidzania. This round we got dentist, bottling plant, and firefighter.

Here's babydoll, she slept most of the time. Richard was not with us because he had to return Margaret's car and he also went to fetch my phone from the repair shop. The microphone on the phone had died the day before - a person on the line with me would not have been able to hear me at all. It took Richard a fair bit of time because he had to drive all the way into KL and back to PJ. We were at Kidzania for about four hours and he only managed to join us at the very end.

It was a really fun outing for the children. Ryan enjoyed himself so much, he's still talking about it even now that we're back in Singapore.

Kidzania, we'll be back again!


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