Thursday, February 21, 2013

1st day of Chinese New Year

Every year when we are in KL for Chinese New Year, we drive over to Ampang to visit Richard's uncle and his family. It is a long drive and each time we go there, we try a different route. No matter which route we take though, we know we are getting near our destination when we see this thing.

Richard trying out a "trick shot" but obviously we were not coordinated at all.

We usually visit on the second day of Chinese New Year but this year we brought it forward to the first day because of scheduling issues. As usual, Richard's aunt cooked up a feast for us and we ate to our hearts' content. Most of what she served for lunch came from her own garden and livestock. She didn't serve her homemade yee sang this year, which was a pity. I like yee sang and her homemade version is yummy. 

Here's Rachel sitting on Richard's lap during lunch, munching on some broccoli. Her outfit was a gift from her nanny. Rachel was a hit - this is the first time that she's meeting the folks in Ampang. I remember my pregnant self sitting and eating at the table last year while Richard's mother proclaimed that our baby would be a girl because Ryan looks like a girl.

Our unofficial family dress code - pink and grey. I was in a white top and jeans though, hahaha.

After lunch, while the elders sat around for their chit-chat, we wandered around the compound. The weather was much kinder this year. It is usually scorching hot around this time of the year but this year it was actually quite pleasant. 

Ryan paid a visit to the chicken coop after which he declared that he needed to look for "the roly-poly pig" so  father and son went off in search of it. (There is no pig. Heh.)

Anyway, a good visit as always. We went off after hongbaos were dished out by all concerned. I can't recall now what we did in the afternoon but for dinner, we went to Dancing Fish, which is an Indonesian restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Here's babydoll, looking like ... well, a babydoll. Her hairband was a gift from her aunt Margaret, the dress was bought in Malaysia on our last trip.

Some photos of the rest of the family. I'm sure you can tell who's who - Richard's mum and dad, Richard's second sister Mary, Richard and me, and the two littles.

Nothing much else to say, so here are a few more photos of babydoll.


Anonymous said...


Gong Xi Fa Cai !

In case you have not heard the news, Ryan's poster and commercial ad is being displayed and played at Nestlé's booth at the current Babycare Festival at Expo. Happening now til this Sunday.


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