Friday, August 3, 2012


Ryan had another job on Wednesday, which was a photoshoot for an international ad campaign. Ryan has worked with this client before and the funny thing about them is that they don't want his curls to show (because they don't want people to think he's a girl). On the previous occasion, they tried to tuck his curls behind his ears. This time the hair and makeup artist straightened out his curls and pinned his hair back.

The session was scheduled to last from 10 to 3 pm but it went very well and we managed to wrap at 1 pm and off we went to McDonald's. Here he is again with straight hair. I am so not used to seeing him this way!
At McDonald's after working hard
We sent baby Rachel to Ryan's nanny while Ryan went to work, and she came back to us, sleeping peacefully and wearing a new top! 

Here we are, Rachel and me - we were on our way out the door to run some errands last week. I'm using a wrap here. I didn't use a carrier/wrap/sling for Ryan so I thought that I'd try using one for Rachel but I think I still prefer just scooping her up in my arms.

Richard with Rachel during dinner at Asia Grand.

We met up with some friends over the past week as well. Angelynn and Teresa came over to see Rachel on Tuesday - our mahjong buddies (haven't played mahjong for a while though). On Saturday, we attended a full month celebration for little Zelyn (Serene's newborn princess) and had the chance to catch up with the mummies there, plus their families.

Photo from Ophelia

I have quite a lot more to update. I know I've been slacking off on the blog! I will get down to it ... after the weekend! Have a good one!


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