Monday, August 13, 2012


We are just back from a short break. We went to Malaysia on Wednesday and drove back on Saturday night. It was a very good few days, catching up with family and friends. I'll do a short post on our trip tomorrow. Today, I want to write about the weekend before last, when Kar Yee, who is a dear friend of mine from Malaysia, popped into Singapore for a few days. We rounded up the gang in Singapore (plus one more from Johore) for lunch on Sunday (5 August).

Before that, in the morning, Rachel and I had breakfast with Kar Yee at Prive Bakery and Cafe at Keppel Bay - one of my favourite places for brunch. Richard and Ryan went for swimming class (Richard later told me that Ryan made significant progress in class today and Coach told him that he was very good - good job son!).

At Prive Bakery and Cafe

After breakfast, we met up with Richard and Ryan at an art exhibition by Hermes called The Gift of Time. It was held at the now-defunct train station at Tanjong Pagar.

Photo by Richard

Photo by Kar Yee

Photo by Richard

Photo by Richard

Photo by Richard

Lunch was at Xi Yan, a private dining establishment by celebrity chef Jacky Yu, and we followed that with drinks at Selfish Gene Cafe just next door.

The next day, Monday, I met up with Kar Yee again for a day of gallivanting - vintage clothes shopping, visit to the Mint Museum of Toys, lunch at Paradise Inn, hunting down ukuleles, and dinner at Timbre at the Substation before Kar Yee went off to watch Snow Patrol live in concert at Fort Canning Park. Rachel was with me the whole time.

A good two days. It was good to have some adult company and, of course, it was even better to have the company of good friends.


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