Monday, August 20, 2012

Outing to Bishan Park

Sunday was Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore so Ryan had no classes. We took the chance to visit Bishan Park for brunch.

Here we are at Canopy Garden Dining and Bar. It was an extremely hot day and we were glad to be in the airconditioning.

We used to go to Bishan Park very often, back when we didn't have children. We would bring our dog, Max, and spend a few hours in the dog run. That was until SKC stopped supervising the area and Max got attacked in the run by a bigger dog. He escaped with minor injuries but we decided not to go there anymore.

The park has undergone a major rejuvenation and we had been waiting for the opportunity to come and take a look. The main element that is new is the natural river that used to be a concrete canal. When the water level is low, like it was on Sunday, you can walk out to the river and wade in it, catch fish, and play in it. Something like a stream in the English countryside, but with tropical greenery instead.  It looks like a nice place for a picnic, when the weather is forgiving.

Rachel fell asleep in the heat while Ryan was running and jumping around, happy to be outside and exploring. We didn't go prepared to play in the river (no towels or extra clothes or shoes) so we'll definitely try to come back (at a cooler time of the day!).


Karmeleon said...

You can just walk around in the water or sit at the stepping stones and observe the fish. No need towels for that. I've never brought before during the times I've brought my boys, even when they went fishing. Only their feet get wet. Once the younger one did get his pants a little wet while pouring water with the pail, but that was really fine. We just left him with slightly wet pants. haha. No big deal. Our hot hot sun dries it up a little anyway.

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