Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Outing to Jurong Bird Park

Monday was a holiday in Singapore on account of Hari Raya Puasa falling on the Sunday before. Alicia suggested an outing to the bird park in Jurong. We haven't met up with Alicia's and Shann's families for quite a while so we were more than happy to get together.

Ryan was pleased as punch to see Rou Ern and Brayden, as he hadn't seen them for a long time. The children grow up so quickly - both Rou Ern and Brayden seem to be more mature compared to when we saw them last.

It was an excruciatingly hot day and we were there at the hottest time of the day (from 10 am) so we were pretty sluggish and walked very slowly through the park. The park was quite lovely and we saw lots of different types of birds. Here are some shots from Richard's phone.

We managed to watch one of the shows - birds doing tricks, playing with their trainers, etc.

We had a simple buffet lunch at Songbird Terrace inside the bird park, overlooking the flamingo enclosure. There was also a live show with parrots at the restaurant where we had prime seats.

The bird park was a very good experience for Ryan as he was able to see the birds "live" - the penguins swimming, the eagle/vulture swooping down, the flamingo standing on one leg, the parrots talking/singing. Ryan also got up close and personal with some of the birds at certain areas. Here he is, feeding the lories with some nectar at the Lory Loft.

Rachel went with us and suffered through the heat without complaining. Towards the end of the outing, Ryan got a little cranky from tiredness (and the heat!) and, when Richard went to get the car, it got a little hairy trying to handle my two little ones, because Ryan insisted on getting to the boob while I was holding Rachel. Fortunately Shann and Alicia came to my rescue and all was well.

Back home, we did a simple report of the outing. We are trying to encourage Ryan to talk more about his experiences, tell us what happened, what he did during the day, etc, so hopefully the report helps to get some discussion/conversation going. He does enjoy seeing himself in the photos so he's quite interested. Here are some of the pages. The book is just 10 pages long and at the back of the book, I included a (real) feather. Oh, please forgive the atrocious Mandarin characters (written by me).


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