Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A short break

Last week, Ryan's nanny went on a short holiday to Thailand so Richard took a few days off and we drove back to Malaysia. We got in on Wednesday evening and stayed till dinner on Saturday, returned to Singapore on Saturday night.

Here are some snippets from the trip.

Baby Rachel modelling her ruffles.

Baby Rachel with her Aunty Margaret.

We popped over to my uncle's house at Desa Park City on Thursday night for dinner. His daughter (my cousin) has a pet hedgehog which she named Duke Bubbles Prickerton I. One of our other cousins has Duke Bubbles Prickerton II.

Our babies.

We did some shopping in the city on Friday (Pavilion and KLCC) - some books and some clothes. Met up with friends at Dome at KLCC - Oi Lin, Yin Yin and Yuen Fun came in from Jakarta, Riyadh and Ipoh respectively. It was a good (although short) reunion.

The next day (Saturday), we met up with Kar Yee and Yuen Fun for lunch at Amcorp Mall, followed by a leisurely shopping spree at Bookxcess, where we bought about RM300 worth of children's books. Terri and Vincent joined us and we topped the outing off with drinks at Sri Melaka.

Here's Rachel with Yuen Fun. Rachel is wearing barefoot sandals which I bought online - too cute to resist!

Dinner was at Out of Africa restaurant at PJ Swimming Club with Richard's side of the family. I have not been to the swimming club for decades but it holds a ton of childhood memories for me - I literally grew up in that place, as well as in A&W and Shah's Village Motel which are (still) next door to the swimming club. The place has changed a lot - there is no longer a diving platform, there isn't even a deep end now.

That diving platform was pretty significant - when I was still in kindergarten, I was doing dives off the platform. There was one occasion when my mother was in the water below holding one of those inflatable round tubes and I would jump off the platform and aim to land inside the tube. On one of my dives, the tube was too close to the side of the pool and, when I jumped, I landed with my chin striking the edge of the pool. I had to get stitches and now I have a small scar on my chin. I have some photos of me in my kindergarten uniform with a white bandage on my chin but I don't remember much else. I continued diving and swimming, so no harm done!

Ryan had a lot of fun in the children's pool with his cousins, Malcolm and Justin. Malcolm is very good with Ryan - he is very careful and very brotherly with him.

We left after dinner and got into Singapore around midnight. Good trip, very fulfilling.


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