Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Updates on Rachel

Rachel had her jabs at the paediatrician this morning. At 18 months, she is 9.44 kg and about 78 cm tall.

Some information to share:

Rachel's nanny has been giving her some of Ryan's formula milk. She says that warm milk helps Rachel to sleep. As long as this does not affect Rachel's intake of solids, I don't have issue with this. I was, nevertheless, a little concerned about Rachel taking formula milk which is supposedly for 4 year olds, so I checked with Dr Ngiam on this. Dr Ngiam says it's not a problem. He told me that, formula milk for one year and above will yield the same benefits, despite all the marketing talk. (For infants below one year old on formula milk, they should take infant formula, and not formula/milk for older kids, as infants below one year old should not be taking full cream milk.)

So according to Dr Ngiam, no problem with sharing the formula milk since Rachel is already almost 18 months old. Since she is breastfed in the morning and at night, he says a bottle of formula is enough and if she doesn't want it, it's fine too, don't force her. (If not breastfed at all, he says two to three bottles of formula milk a day is enough.) Importantly, give her a good varied diet of solids.

At home, Rachel has been busy investigating, exploring and playing with/irritating her brother. I try to offer her sensory experiences and open-ended materials to play with, like the cardboard box (above) and the kinetic sand (below). Her small motor skills are excellent - she can feed herself with a spoon and she can even hold a pen correctly.

She loves holding her brother's hand and leading him on walks. It always puts her in a good mood (although Ryan is not always receptive!) and it is a cute sight to see the two of them hand-in-hand walking about.

In other news, we will be making some changes to the children's weekend schedules from next month/year. It's time to take stock and see what is working and what is not; and move on from the old so that we can make space for the new. I'll write an update soon.


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