Friday, December 13, 2013

Some sweetness for the weekend

This edition of "Some sweetness for the weekend" is brought to you by Dancing Ryan.

Ryan is working on a shoot today, which should be fun judging by the stuff that he was asked to do at the audition for this job. As usual, I'll update you all when the final cut is released.

Ryan was supposed to have a picnic with his classmates in school today but it looks like some sacrifices have to be made. Actually, not really. Ryan is very happy to be out of school. His nanny asked him if he was going to school tomorrow and he protested, "I'm on holiday!"

These shots were taken sometime last month at an audition for a different job. These are not the audition shots. I took these shots on my phone while we were waiting for the cameras to be set up. Ryan was fooling around, as he does when he's in a good mood. He has been to this place for casting three times, so he is quite familiar and comfortable with the place.

I've got loads more shots but most are blurry as he was moving and jumping around non-stop. As you can see, he's quite a dancer. I've asked him before if he wanted to take up a class, but he wasn't interested. I guess, when you got it, you got it.

In these shots, Ryan is wearing one of his mama-made T-shirts, which I made using the Recess Raglan Tee pattern by See Kate Sew. I've made this t-shirt five or more times now and I love it. Such a quick sew - I can get from first cut to final stitch in under an hour. 

The shorts are from H&M and were bought by his nanny many years ago. They are size 12-18 months and Ryan wears them with the adjustable waistband buttoned to the smallest possible waist. Just goes to show how much space a baby's diaper takes up.


Weekend plans will hopefully involve putting up our Christmas tree and tidying up the house (we are expecting my uncle next week). Otherwise, things are looking like the usual. 

Have a great weekend. See you back here on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Love reading yr blog.. Can u email me @ which model agency is yr boy from? Thanks..

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hi there are quite a number of modelling agencies around. You should check out a few and sign with the one that you are most comfortable with. Good luck!

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