Friday, January 3, 2014

Some sweetness for the weekend

Happy New Year! How did you spend your holidays? Hope they were fun! We took lots of time off and had quality family time with the littles and our extended family. It was a good, good holiday.


Please forgive the poor photos of babydoll today. They were taken in poor light and I didn't bother to edit them at all. I wanted to do a quick and dirty post because I'm not quite ready to come back to the blog. Life for us in 2014 hasn't properly begun. Ryan only re-starts school next week and when we remind him, he protests, "I'm on holiday!". Both Ryan and Rachel have new weekend schedules, but that routine only half-starts tomorrow. It will be fully implemented the weekend after. Work at the office is still a little slow and half my mind is on plans for Chinese New Year, which is about four weeks from today. Plus there is the little man's birthday coming up. The big 0-5.

The more I didn't blog, the more I didn't feel like blogging. Having said that, now that I am back at the blog, it feels good to be back, even if I'm not fully here yet.

I plan to get things revving again next week. I want to still have this last weekend; to absorb every last bit of this semi-holiday feeling; to ease ourselves slowly into 2014. So, have a good weekend, be good. See you back here on Monday.

P.S.: I know some of you are waiting for responses to your email queries, and I promise I will answer each and every one of them. I usually answer the quick and easy ones first and save the ones that require more thought for later. Some of you have really tough questions that require a fair amount of pondering!


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