Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In conversation with Ryan

Ryan and I have been having a few mother-and-son mornings lately. Just the two of us, taking life slow. Yesterday, we went to IKEA and, after breakfast at their restaurant, wandered through the whole store twice, chatting and holding hands as we walked.

Truly, Ryan is an excellent companion. He's interested in you and what you're doing. He even pays you compliments. He's nice to people you meet, whether it's a stranger or a friend, says hello and bye bye. He's very easygoing and goes along with whatever you want to do. Plus, he always has something to contribute to the conversation and it's usually funny.

Today, we had breakfast by the beach. I ordered my usual fried noodles and he asked, "Why does my Lady Leona always order this?" 

Heh heh. Don't ask. I have no idea, no idea at all. 

Some more snippets of our conversation today:

Ryan: I like being on holiday.
Me: Well, you're going to have a long holiday with mama and papa and mei mei soon. What would you like to do on your holiday?
Ryan: I want to fly on an aeroplane.
Me: Where to?
Ryan: I want to fly to Denmark.
Me: What are you going to do in Denmark?
Ryan: I'm going to buy some doughnuts. And then I'll fly on an aeroplane back to Singapore.
Me: What else is there in Denmark?
Ryan: I'll show you.
Me: What will you show me in Denmark?
Ryan: I don't know. Just doughnuts.

Doughnuts in Denmark. Love it.

A little later on:

Ryan: I'll get you some stuff for you to make things, mama. Some buttons, some curtains and some lights.
Me: Ok, thank you. Lovely. What about papa? Are you going to get him some stuff too?
Ryan: Yes. I'll buy him some stuff to play with. Some ABC toys, some 123 toys, some finger painting. And the Leapfrog learning phonics system. I'll buy him some paper ABC and some paper 123, and scissors to cut them out. One scissors for the paper ABC and one scissors for the paper 123.
Me: That sounds nice. What about mei mei?
Ryan: A new bed. With ABC pillowcase and ABC blanket.

Hee hee. Ryan is obviously applying the principle of, "Only buy gifts which you like". And, as you can see, he is still very much in love with the alphabet. In fact, when he woke up this morning, he told me that he'd dreamt that he was looking for letters of the alphabet, and he found the letters L, M, N, O and P.

Speaking of buying things, Richard and I have decided to buy Ryan some presents for Christmas this year. Would you be surprised if I told you that we don't usually buy him any presents for Christmas? Last year, we almost did, but gave the present away to one of his friends at the last minute. I know it sounds strange to some of you... I'll share more about our thinking another day. That's all for today!


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