Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend update

We had a pretty mellow weekend. We spent Sunday afternoon watching TV from 7 to 10.30 pm! What is even more amazing is that we were watching the Chinese language channel (Channel 8)! Haha!

We were actually looking out for Ryan's latest TV commercial. We received news that it started airing this weekend on Channel 8 during the primetime slot (which is from 7 to 11 pm) so we parked ourselves in front of the TV and endured the drama serials - but we didn't see the commercial! If you saw Ryan on TV, let us know!

The English version will be showing on Channel 5 in about two weeks' time and the print ad will be out in the papers this weekend... we are so looking forward to seeing the ads! In the meantime, I guess we will be brushing up on our Chinese...

In other weekend news, we attended a birthday party on Saturday. Ryan's classmate turned 5 and invited everyone to celebrate with a BBQ by the pool. There was a magic show for the children by Immanuel Children's Entertainment (very funny magician - the kids loved him!), followed by some games including a treasure hunt around the pool and a bash the pinata session. We had lunch at the party, which was simple BBQ-ed hotdogs, fruit kebabs and birthday cake. Some of the children had a frolic in the pool as well.

After the party, we popped by the supermarket because Richard wanted to cook dinner for us! The rest of Saturday was spent at home, with Richard slaving away in the kitchen to make coq au vin blanc, with appropriate child-friendly side dishes.

In case you're wondering, this was an overdue celebration for our 12th wedding anniversary which was on the previous weekend. We exchanged gifts and I also got some extra large roses - the blooms were so big that they drooped like tulips on the third day!

Anyway that was our simple and mellow weekend.


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