Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mid-Autumn festival 2013

Mid-Autumn festival was on Thursday but we didn't bust out our lanterns till Sunday night. We took the littles to Resorts World Sentosa for dinner and a lantern walkabout. Of course, by that time, there wasn't a single other lantern-toting person around, but the littles were still quite intrigued and amused at the experience so I'd count that as a successful outing.

We stayed to watch the Crane Dance at the waterfront. We went right down to the front and the littles, especially Ryan, entertained themselves by dancing with their shadows on the boardwalk. The audience was quite amused to watch them dancing and I saw a couple of people taking videos of them dancing away!

The Crane Dance was quite interesting and the littles were entranced. Unfortunately, ten minutes into the performance, the show stopped because of "continuing technical difficulties". I guess we'll have to go back and try again!

Babydoll was so funny - everytime she heard the music from the lanterns, she would stop and sway from side to side to the beat!

So, a simple and casual Mid-Autumn festival for us. Barely qualified as a celebration but no worries, it was a good and happy night.


Sue said...

Rachel is so cute!!! I wish I could see her sway side to side hehe

Pinkie Pirate said...

Oh yes - it cracks me up!

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