Thursday, September 5, 2013

Life of a Model and other bits

I haven't been able to give proper updates on Ryan because his recent news mostly revolve around his modelling/acting, and these projects are always hush-hush up till the time they are launched. Last week, Ryan was busy with a photoshoot and some voice-over work for a TV commercial, plus an audition for another role. I will update again once the projects are launched.

In the meantime, here are some photos of him in the audio suite at the recording studio.

Ryan had another audition in the evening today. As he was also scheduled to have a sports session with Shaws Little League before that, I was concerned that he would be too tired for the audition. So I kept him out of school and we spent the morning together at home.

He made breakfast for us. Yums.

We didn't do anything too strenuous. Mostly we played with blocks and other toys.

We did some work with Montessori material - the pink tower and the brown stairs. We also did some math work. Here he was, learning about place value.

Clapping hands when he realised that he'd got it!

Here he was saying that 1785 is a very big number!

After a simple lunch, we ventured out to town for a quick haircut before sending him for sports. The first thing he said when I told him that we were going for a haircut was that he would get a lollipop! There are two places from which he has this lollipop expectation - the hair salon and our regular bak ku teh restaurant. The routine was set by the staff/waitresses who would dish out lollipops to him every time they saw him. He never showed any interest in them and we would simply shelve them away when we got home. However, the past few times that we went to the bak ku teh restaurant, Ryan refused to leave without his lollipop. The staff was too busy those few times so we had to go to the counter to ask for the lollipop before he was willing to leave. He has started eating lollipops although that simply means that he gives the lolly a few licks before handing it to me.

Anyway, here he is, post-haircut!

After sports, we made our way to the audition and Richard joined us there. Ryan was showing a few signs of tiredness but I think he made it through the audition without issue. I don't know because he went into the audition on his own this time. Outside, Richard and I were feeling like the family of a hopeful contestant on American Idol - waiting and wondering and hoping and praying! Haha!

Ok, that's all for now! 


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