Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eight months old

Ryan turns eight months old today and we are all off to Sydney for a few days. Richard and I have taken the week off from work and we are looking forward to some downtime.

We didn't know how Ryan would take to flying so it was a pleasant surprise to see him enjoying the experience. We got the seats with the baby bassinet on the wall in front which meant more leg room for us. I latched Ryan on during take off and landing to help him to adjust to the pressure change but the A380 was so smooth and stable that we hardly felt anything. Ryan wouldn't sleep in the bassinet though, he only used it as a play area, so he spent almost the whole flight in our arms. Still, he was very good throughout the 7-hour flight and it was a breeze.

These are photos of Ryan in the bassinet and of me breastfeeding on the flight.


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