Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food adventures

This morning we went to the Audi service centre at Ubi to book a slot for our car servicing. While we were there, Ryan 'test drove' their Audi TT roadster.

For lunch, we went to York Hotel for their Penang Hawkers Buffet. This is one of our favourite buffets and we always look out for it. The last time we were there, Ryan was not able to sit up yet and he spent the whole time sleeping in his stroller. This time, Ryan had his own (baby) seat. We let him try the rojak (without the sauce), which was cucumber, mango, guava, turnip, starfruit, water apple (jambu air) and pineapple. He was so happy choosing from the plate (he tried everything except for the pineapple), picking each piece up and then licking, tasting, chewing, smashing and tossing each piece onto the floor. Half the time, he was shouting and shrieking his delight for everyone to hear.


florinda said...

oh my .. he was digging his toes on the dining table!!!

so funny...

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