Saturday, July 4, 2009

PD visit at 5.5 months old

We got Ryan his high chair yesterday. He still needs some support to sit up so we won't be using it very often just yet. We usually just have him on our laps when we eat our meals and I actually enjoy it that way.

Today we went for Ryan's check-up and final vaccinations. This appointment had been delayed slightly because Ryan was sniffling a little around the date of the original appointment. We brought him in then (16 June) and was advised by Dr Ngiam to wait and have the appointment re-fixed. The sniffles cleared up pretty quickly and so we brought Ryan in today. After this, Ryan's next visit will be when he is one year old. Ryan weighed in at 7.77 kg and 67 cm, which is average. Dr Ngiam says the guideline is to double the birthweight at 4 months old and triple the birthweight at one year old. Ryan was 3.24 kg at birth, so he's right on track.

We asked Dr Ngiam about starting solids. He said we should wait till 6 months and, once Ryan is 6 months, he can try anything. He can also eat the food we are eating, provided he can swallow it (soften it or mash it). We won't know whether the baby is allergic to or sensitive to a particular food until and unless Ryan tries it out so we just have to give it a go. Dr Ngiam said the only guideline is to provide a balanced diet - carbo, protein and veggie. For increasing number of meals and dropping milk feeds, he said this will be dependent on the individual baby. We should just pay attention to Ryan and go with the flow.

In other news, Ryan has started flipping over onto his tummy!


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