Sunday, July 26, 2009

Curly Wurly

Ryan has one feature that tells the world he is my son - the curls in his hair. People are astonished by them. His nanny told me of a conversation she had with her neighbour (in Mandarin):

Neighbour: Is it a girl?
Nanny: No, he's a boy.
Neighbour: But his hair is so curly! Is he Chinese?
Nanny: Yes.
Neighbour: Har? How come his hair is so curly?

Yes, he gets his curls from me. I haven't had the heart to cut his hair and so the curls continue to populate his head. At one point, they were curling into and around his ears which I think caused him some irritation, but instead of cutting them off, we decided to let his hair (and the curls) grow past his ears. So he is still my curly wurly twisty twirly.

Apart from all the little curls, Ryan has one huge curl right on top of his head, which he has had since birth. I like to call it his custom-made turban. I thought it would straighten out as the hair grew longer and heavier but the turban has remained firmly in place.


florinda said...

love his curls ... wat a sight!! esp the top view.. keke

M said...

Hi popped by from Flo's blog and it's been a slow day so I have time to back track and had to comment, SOOO ADORABLE!

You're blog has been quite informative, I've bookmarked you. Thanks.

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