Sunday, July 5, 2009


After attending the Play & Learn trial session at Gymboree, we signed Ryan up for a package of 14 weekly sessions. Today was our first session of the package.

At the trial session, I had expressed some concern that Ryan was bored with the exercises (because they were too easy/basic for him) but the instructor said that he could just be distracted by his new surroundings. Hmm, yes, I thought that his surroundings were more interesting to him PRECISELY BECAUSE the exercises were too boring for him. Different sides of the same coin? Well, Ryan aced all the exercises again today and, after the session, the instructor said he should graduate early from Level 1 and go to Level 2 which should be more challenging and interesting for him. Yippee!

Ryan will be the youngest baby in the Level 2 class as Level 2 is for babies from 6 months and he is not 6 months old yet. Truly I am proud. He can include that in his CV when he's looking for his first job right?


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