Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trip to KL - 25 July to 3 Aug 2014

More photos from our travels to KL! This trip was over the Eid (Hari Raya Puasa) holidays. Richard had some business meetings and Ryan was working on a shoot for an advertisement.

We flew in on Friday night. On Saturday, Richard went for a meeting while I brought Ryan to the studio for fitting. It took four hours! Here you see him, after the session waiting to be released.

While the rest of us were working hard that day, babydoll had a fabulous girly session with her cousin, Jerica. Here you see her directing where the nail polish should go. This was after she directed where all the hair accessories should go on her head. In other words, she was also working hard.

Sunday was a relaxed day. We accompanied Richard's parents for a bit, brought them out for lunch and hung out at their house. The cousins weren't around that day, so it was just the two littles entertaining themselves.

Building forts as usual.

With their Uncle Kenneth.

Babydoll is being served by her father and her grandfather here. Her father is feeding her and her grandfather is tying up her hair. The life of a princess.

Ryan's shoot started on Monday and lasted till Wednesday. It was really tough. Every day was 15 to 18 hours on set. The first two days were at Putrajaya, while the last day was at KRU Studios in Cyberjaya. Putrajaya was deserted, as Monday and Tuesday were public holidays, and it was amazing to walk around the empty city to see all the beautiful buildings.

There was a lot of waiting time on the set, especially on the second day, so we came prepared with our own entertainment. This inflatable guitar was a free gift from Cotton On Kids in Singapore. Coincidentally, Ryan received another guitar from the clients at the shoot (more on that later). We also brought some board games, a big packet of construction/building bits, and some writing material. I don't use the iPad when we go for shoots. I find it too isolating. I encourage Ryan to go around and talk to the people on set, make new friends and get comfortable. All the toys and entertainment material that I pack for him are geared towards interaction with others.

I accompanied Ryan throughout the shoot, while babydoll stayed home with Richard. Richard had to fly back to Singapore on Wednesday for a meeting in Singapore, and he flew back to KL the next day. His sister Margaret and my brother pitched in with the babysitting that day.

The rest of the week was spent with family and friends. I had a lot of catching up to do with babydoll too, having missed her for three days.

Here's Ryan keeping very still as his cousin Malcolm sketched him. Everyone was impressed at how still he was, even when I talked to him and tried to tickle him.

Some dinosaur friends which came home with Ryan from the shoot. Ryan was gifted a lot of stuff throughout the shoot, including a plastic toy guitar and a 1600+ pc Nanoblock Space Centre set. The clients and the crew loved him and were constantly giving him toys or sitting down to play games with him or take selfies with him.

A trip to the bookstore to pick up some books for Alicia. Ryan doesn't know the man behind him; he just needed a seat to read while waiting for the rest of us.

Time to go home! Waiting at the boarding gate.

And yes, back in Singapore. Babydoll calls this installation the "Drop".

The scene the next morning. So tired. So tired.


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