Monday, August 25, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

So this week is going to be about our Chinese New Year 2014, which was back in February. Better late than never, eh?

Leading up to Chinese New Year, Ryan's preschool had a week of Chinese New Year themed activities. I was invited to be in charge of one of the sessions, which also meant sourcing for materials for the session. The children voted on what activities they wanted to do at the session, and we ended up with lantern making, cherry blossom art and paper cutting. I got all the stuff they needed and took charge of one of the stations that day, which was the lantern making one. The children were super excited to make the lanterns and it was a lot of fun for me to be with them.

I was quite inspired after that day to make more lanterns. I looked up some tutorials on the internet and I made one every night! Ryan would bring it to school the next day and soon his classroom was full of lanterns.

Here are some of the lanterns I made.

Here they are, hanging in Ryan's classroom ...

... and outside his classroom too. The one in the middle can revolve!

The thing in the middle of the door is one of the paper cuttings that the children did. The calligraphy was done by the children at a different session (during which they also cooked dumplings!).

This is the lantern that Ryan made during the session in class.

At the end of the week, the children came to school dressed in Chinese traditional wear and all their classroom projects were displayed in the common areas of the preschool. Here you can see the cherry blossoms that the children cut out of paper and stuck onto the branch. Lovely!

I really enjoyed making all those lanterns but of course, now I have forgotten how to make all of them. No worries, there's always Youtube for next year!



Ah, your lanterns are so cute! I've been a bit lax about blogging myself lol.. Trust you and the family are doing super ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Happen to see your blog when I was searching for reviews about Etonhouse pre school. You have a lovely family. May I know which pre-school did you decided for Ryan. It sounds amazing.

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