Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Quick catch-up

Here's a quick photographic round-up of the last two weeks. 

We split the kids up for bedtime and they are reunited in the morning when they are still asleep/semi-awake in bed. Normally the kids carry on sleeping while the adults get ready for work, although sometimes they wake up anyway and pull us from slumber. That's when we are greeted by two sunshine smiles. Love it.

Babydoll's hair is curly, curly, curly. I'm looking forward to seeing it go past her shoulders - I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

Babydoll has been expressing her fashion sense lately. See this photo below - Richard initially dressed her in this top and a pair of yellow pants. Babydoll went right back into her wardrobe and rummaged around until she found this plaid skirt. She brought it to us and asked to be changed into it. I do think the skirt looks much nicer as part of the outfit! This girl has a good fashion eye!

Since that time, I try to present her with options when I'm dressing her. She always, always chooses the more girly one. Like this dress (which was a gift from her Aunty Mary).

And this dress too. Girly right?

We spent an enjoyable evening with Alicia, Chris and Brayden two Sundays ago. They bought some black pepper crabs from Eng Seng for our dinner and we had lots of laughter playing board games. Ryan's strategy was completely absent but he somehow managed to win most of the games. Beginner's luck, I think!

Richard and I had a peaceful and satisfying dinner at Crab in da Bag at Big Splash. This was after our parent teacher conference at Ryan's preschool last week and before we went to fetch the kids from the nanny. It was our first time at this restaurant and it was good - we'll be back!.

I'll tell you more about the parent teacher conference in another post. For now, let's focus on the crab! This is the "before" photo.

And this is the "after" photo. As you may notice, we don't eat the crab roe so next time we'll ask for the male crab.

One of Ryan's friends had a birthday party last Saturday. It was a bowling and swimming party at the Chinese Swimming Club, with a spot of dancing in between. Ryan enjoyed himself so so so much. It was supposed to be "drop-off" so we stuck around for a short while to watch him bowl and then we went off for about an hour or so (for Rachel's Heguru and for me to go to the supermarket). Shortly after we left, Ryan called me (on the host's mobile phone) to tell me to come back! He was quite nervous without us and I think that most of the parents actually stayed on. The host assured me that he would be fine and that he just needed to hear my voice. They started up the dancing and singing segment right after that and, when we came back shortly after, the host told me that Ryan was so excited to sing and dance! Apparently, he confidently grabbed the microphone, put on some sunglasses and busted some moves! I asked him later what song he sang and he said "Gangnam Style"!

When we got back to the party, the kids were already in the pool. Ryan had a blast there! He was the absolute last person to leave the pool and only because he thought we were leaving without him (actually we were just walking back to the bowling area to find his shoes). It was a fabulous party - Happy 5th birthday to Leila!

On Sunday, we overslept and missed Rachel's Shichida class, while Ryan barely made it for swimming. For lunch, we visited the farmer's market at Pasarbella at The Grandstand. After a disappointing experience at the farmer's market at Dempsey, I was looking forward to much better offerings and this time, I was not disappointed. Worth the trip - do go if you can. We ate at Oceans of Seafood which is towards the back. It serves a wide Japanese seafood menu (the sashimi is supposedly very good) and a limited but good Western seafood menu (go for the fish and chips).

Last but not least, while we were shopping in the supermarket last Sunday, Rachel spotted this!

And yes, it was Rachel who spotted it before any of us did. She pointed to it and said "papa". Errr... she doesn't know how to say "Ryan" or "korkor" (big brother) yet, so we'll accept that! If you see Ryan's poster in Cold Storage, give it a secret wink, won't you?

That's all!


Anonymous said...

Rachel attend both Heguru and Shichida?

Pinkie Pirate said...

Anonymous, yes she does. :)

Anonymous said...

Any special reason y both school?

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