Friday, October 11, 2013

Some sweetness for the weekend

Hello friends, are you ready for the weekend? Richard and I have taken Monday off so, coupled with Tuesday being a public holiday, that's two extra days off work! Our plans won't be firmed up till tomorrow afternoon but it's going to be one of two alternatives: either we will be travelling or Ryan will be shooting a new advertisement. He had an audition yesterday and we are waiting to hear from his agent. Either way, we are looking forward to the next four days!

To send you off into the weekend with a smile, here's little babydoll flirting with her beloved owl. You may remember that Ryan has a giraffe. Well, Rachel has this owl. Let me know if you know where he lives! One hint: it's in the east of Singapore.

I love the last two photos - such a cheeky girl! Have a good weekend, all.


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