So, from yesterday's post, you all know that we went to see The Art of the Brick exhibition at The ArtScience Museum over the weekend. Ryan enjoyed himself thoroughly there. The material (Lego) was familiar to him and of course the exhibits were pretty interesting too. There were a number of stations where the visitors could participate and do stuff, which kept things engaging. See yesterday's post for the photos!

After the exhibition, we wandered up to the gallery on the top floor. By this time, babydoll had woken up from her nap so we let her crawl about and stretch her legs for a bit.

A little update on babydoll - she can wave hello/bye bye and clap her hands now! I demonstrated how to clap hands one day and she just looked at me without any reaction. I thought it would take a few more demonstrations but the very next day, she just started clapping away on her own.

We made a quick trip to the souvenir shop where Ryan picked up an "eco" kit. He was attracted to it because there was an alphabet stencil inside - you use the stencil to decorate a cloth bag.

Here we are outside. Ryan was especially thrilled to see the large letters outside the museum. He lovingly called each one by its name but, "R is my favourite letter!" he shouted.

After that, we went for a drink and some snacks at Marina Bay Sands. We went to Kraze Burger near the skating rink, and Ryan sat down and did his stenciling on the bag.

That was it. Everyone was pretty tired at the end of the outing, even though it was a short one!


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