Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers' Day 2013

How was your Mothers' Day? We had a simple and very lazy lunch, followed by some shopping. Lunch took so long that we missed Ryan's Shichida class. Ah well, Mothers' Day is a good reason to take a break!

This was my first Mothers' Day with two little ones. I look at my two babies and I wish I had let them come into my life earlier. If only I'd known the joy that I was delaying from experiencing!

Pre-babies, Richard and I were happy, no doubt. We worked hard, played hard, and thoroughly enjoyed life as we knew it. We knew that we'd get around to having kids one day although we never thought that we needed them.

Now we have two beautiful babies. And it turns out we needed them desperately.

So I don't know who was more grateful on Mothers' Day. Richard and the littles - for having me as their mother, to do whatever I do in my capacity as Mom. Or me - for having been given the privilege to serve as Mom, to be the recipient of tiny kisses and hugs, to be the most important person in their lives, to be bestowed unquestioning trust and unconditional love, and to be absolutely adored.

So, Happy Mothers' Day to me. And thank you, my babies, for letting me be your mom. I love you both, to the ends of the earth and all the way back again.


Sue said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you Leona!
Yes I agree, we needed them desperately, didn't we? :)
So much love... beautiful!

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hey Sue, same to you! Hope it was a good one!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was! :) Thanks!
By the way, do you have an email address? I'd love to write to you and share some parenting tips.

Pinkie Pirate said...

Sure! It's

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