Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pleasures of home

We are starting to settle ourselves into our routine now that the moving house is done and Christmas/New Year celebrations are over. We are slowly working out the details of day-to-day life, like what time we have to get up in the mornings, how and when to attend to the various household chores, what we should do with our evenings after work, etc.

One decision we made was to eat dinner at home more often, especially on weekdays. Today we got the ball rolling - we made a simple pork and apple braise with gravy, and the three of us had an cozy, unhurried meal at our dining table. It was the first homecooked meal in our new home!

I have always loved to cook. All the women on my side of the family can cook, and some of them are really good at it. One of my aunts even bakes cakes for sale. I grew up on homecooked food and I always assumed and believed that all women can cook. Yet, somehow, people naturally assume that I don't/can't cook - maybe because I have a career? maybe because I'm not domestic enough? I don't know and it doesn't matter. It's nice to surprise them. (By the way, Richard can cook too!)

More importantly, I love the idea of my family sitting down to share a homecooked meal, sharing with each other what our day was like, relaxing and enjoying some quiet family time. My parents practiced this routine faithfully and it became more and more precious as my siblings and I grew up. We were always busy with work, school, hobbies and friends and mealtimes were virtually the only times when our family spent time together. So this is definitely something I want to put in place for little Ryan. In time to come, it may be the only time that I get to see him - in between school, homework, friends and his hobbies!


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