Monday, January 3, 2011

A new chapter for Richard

My fatigue got the better of me today, I called in sick at the office and spent the day at home. Richard starts his new position tomorrow so he was home too, and we kept Ryan with us instead of sending him to his nanny. It was another quiet day, which was what we needed. I think we're finally ready for 2011.

2010 definitely set the stage for change, with us getting our keys to two new properties, moving from house to home, Richard deciding to change jobs, and lots more.

At the moment, I am most curious to see how we are all going to adapt to Richard's new job. His previous firm was located near my office and near Ryan's nanny, now he is going to be farther away, which means it may not be as convenient anymore to meet up for lunch or to go see Ryan in case of an emergency. More importantly, starting a new position can be consuming. He will probably be quite occupied and busy for the first few months, at least.

I haven't mentioned this before, but I'm really proud of him in taking up this new position, with all its challenges. He is going to be taking over the reins of an established practice. The present head is thinking of semi-retirement, and Richard is going to lead the practice in his stead. That is a major step up, and it is something that only a few people have the courage and the ability to take on.

So, my dear husband, here's to a great start to the next phase in your career! May you have many rewarding and fulfilling years in your new firm!

Always remember that I love you and that I am so proud of you.


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