Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend report

After our getaway in Chiangmai, it was business as usual this weekend.  Ryan had his classes and in-between we visited some furniture and lighting shops to see what we could find for our new home. We also managed to squeeze in some time with friends, so it was a well-rounded weekend.

Ryan's JG Bilingual Playclub class on Saturday was the first for Term 4 2010. The theme for the term is "Animals, Animals, Animals". Ryan was warmly welcomed back at Playclub by all his teachers, and seeing how they fussed and fawned over him, I'm so glad that we stuck to this class and that we did not switch to another timeslot.

After Playclub, we met up with some friends at Ophelia's place to celebrate Mooncake Festival. There were 6 children, including Ryan, all around the same age, and they had lots of fun. It was a slow and relaxed evening.

Ryan enjoying himself on the playground equipment.
Ever since he stepped up to 10 kg, he has been able to slide down the slides and he just can't get enough of them!
We used Ryan's lantern from last year, with new batteries.
Serene brought this quirky bubble blower - it's Ultraman!
Sunday morning was spent in the pool as usual and in the afternoon, Ryan went for his Shichida class, which is the last for this term. There is no class next week, and the week after that, Ryan will start a new term. Ryan has been on the Shichida programme for a year now and we are very happy with his progress. For his report for this term, his sensei wrote:

"Wow! You're amazing! You really have grown up and I could see that you really enjoyed your class! I'm proud of you dear!"

We're proud of you too, son!

After Shichida class, it was time for a short nap and then we went out for dinner with friends at The Cathay, followed by a stroll along Clarke Quay to check out the lanterns. There was a lot of people there, probably due to the big football match going on (Man United vs. Liverpool) but Ryan seemed to enjoy the outing nevertheless.

The beautiful lanterns along the bridge
Happy Mooncake Festival!


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