Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Octopus

Last Saturday's JG Bilingual Playclub session was the last class of the term.  We were asked to contribute some food/drink for snack time and we were also told to dress up according to the theme for the term, which was "Out at Sea".

After much consideration, we decided to make an octopus costume for Ryan. Basically, Richard stuffed batting into some baby tights, I sewed on some large buttons and we pinned the tights over a belt. I sewed some felt onto a romper for the head and stuck on some eyes.  Here's the end result!

Turned out that Ryan was the only one who turned up in full costume and I was the only parent who turned up in anything remotely connected to the theme (I wore a pirate hat and a waistband). Ryan got all the oohs and the aahs and everyone couldn't get enough of him and his tentacles.  We received lots of requests for photographs!

Ryan kept his costume on the entire time. He sat down on the floor, sat down on a chair, walked and danced around, ran around and climbed up and down the playground equipment. It didn't seem to bother him at all. He was a natural octopus.

Running off to the playground!
Going for a slamdunk!
Playing on the slides and other playground equipment

I hope that the costume helped to give the last class of the term a special touch for Ryan. It certainly was a lot of fun for Richard and me, both in making the costume and in watching Ryan parade around in it!

Ryan receiving his "certificate" from Safina
There is a one week break before the start of the next term on 18 September. We'll be back soon!


Doofus said...

This such a superb creative effort :)

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