Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday blues

It's Monday again. I'm a little tired from the weekend and unfortunately I've got a tough few days at work this week. I like it when I'm busy at work - time passes quickly and usually pleasantly - but when deadlines, meetings and hearings collide in the perfect storm, time passes too quickly for anything to be pleasant.

In other news, the Christmas decorations in Orchard Road are being put up already! Christmas is my favourite time of the year - the feeling of peace and goodwill is so abundant. Last Christmas, I was 8 months' pregnant, and we invited two of my old schoolmates (Oi Lin and Voon Hooi) over for Christmas Dinner and that was when they found out that I was pregnant. Four weeks later, Ryan was born.

This Christmas is Ryan's first so we hope to make it extra-special. I'll have to start making a list of things to do/prepare, including adding a new Christmas stocking to the home! Getting excited about it! But first, I'll have to get through the next few days...


florinda said...

woo.. i LOVE xmas too...but this year will be in Sydney, hot christmas for the lil bub...

bellie button said...

me too! i LOVE christmas. this year is special cos of one addition to the family :) matt's FIRST christmas.

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