Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hugs are free

Today we went to a preview of the program at Little Neuro Tree at POMO Centre. It is touted as "a unique tri-lingual programme using brain stimulation technologies to build knowledge, confidence and love for learning". At the end of the preview, the program specialist, Irene, approached me. I was holding Ryan in my arms and, a short while into our conversation, Ryan stretched out his arms to Irene as if to say, "Hello, here's a hug for you." Irene was very surprised. She delightedly took Ryan into her arms and Ryan gave her a good hug.

I took him back into my arms and Irene and I continued talking. Then Ryan stretched out his arms to Irene again, as if to say, "Now YOU give ME a hug, you lovely lady." Irene was astonished and happily took him on her shoulder again. Ryan then cozied up to her contentedly. Irene was so amazed. She said that this was the first time she'd seen a baby of Ryan's age do anything like this as normally, they stick to their parents.

I was surprised too as this is the first time I've seen Ryan give out hugs to strangers. No doubt, Ryan is becoming more communicative and interactive with his surroundings, so I should expect to see more of his personality and character now. Happily, I love what I'm seeing - the warmth and unconditional love he has for others. I hope we can find a way to preserve that so that he grows up to be kind, compassionate, generous, and sensitive to the needs of others.


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