We were in Malaysia over the weekend to celebrate Rachel's 2nd birthday with her grandparents and extended family. We arranged a lunch at Strato at Troika Sky Dining. Margaret brought the birthday cake. 

The restaurant is an Italian casual dining experience. You enter Troika at Level 28A and walk up the spiral staircase to the restaurant. The view from up there was spectacular - I think it would have been even better at night (in the day, the construction sites show up).

Here's my mother and my brother, with babydoll and me.

These lovely people are from Richard's side of the family.

Happy birthday Rachel!

Her brother, always the model.

If you find babydoll's outfit a little strange, you would be justified. She is wearing half of a hanbok. Her nanny bought her a hanbok from South Korea and she is wearing the skirt (chima). She refused to put on the jacket (jeogori). I've read that, in Korea, the children wear hanbok on their first birthday, so we are one year late!

And that concludes the birthday celebrations for Rachel this year! Happy birthday little babydoll, we love you always and forever, to the moon and back. 


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