Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life of a model

Have you been watching Channel 8? Ryan's latest project for MamaLemon started airing a few days ago! Have a look here!

If you're not familiar with Chinese, this is a trailer for a cooking programme sponsored by MamaLemon for Mother's Day. If you have a child who is 7 to 12 years old, sign up by 8 April 2014 and he/she can stand a chance to make a delicious gourmet meal for you under the guidance of celebrity chef Eric Teo and MediaCorp artiste Pornsak. Selected participants will also win $1,000 in cash and a $100 Lion gift set. You can also watch the trailer at the Lion website. There are some other promotional activities going on for Mother's Day as well, which you can read about on the website.

What do you think? He did a great job, yah? He is in all the scenes, save for the one where Pornsak is washing the dish, so he has the job of carrying the trailer and I think he did very well.

The shoot was done by MediaCorp. It took half a day and it went very smoothly, with minimum takes for each scene. Ryan had a lot of fun on the set and everyone had a smile for him.

Here are some photos from the shoot that day.

The trend of the day, inspired by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars - selfies!

Ryan's arm wasn't long enough to get everyone in his selfie, so I took the shot for them. These were the Lion people from Japan.

This is Chef Eric Teo. He was really good with Ryan. They struck up a good rapport.

This is Pornsak. He played a trick on Ryan - he was getting his hair and make up done and Ryan went up to him and asked him if he was Pornsak. He said "No, I'm James!" And so Ryan called him James for the rest of the day, even chiding me when I mentioned Pornsak, saying, No, that's James!

Some more photos with the clients.

These ladies from Lion absolutely adore Ryan. This is their third project with Ryan and everytime they meet they take lots of photos of him. Ryan was surrounded with so much love and positivity!

Heartfelt thanks to Lion and MamaLemon for having Ryan! He had such a happy shoot and loved every minute!


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