Rachel has a new, streamlined, weekend routine this year. On Saturday mornings, she goes for Julia Gabriel Bilingual Playclub and, on Saturday afternoons, she goes for Shichida at the same time slot as Ryan's Shichida class. She no longer attends Heguru classes.

I'll talk more about our view on Heguru/Shichida classes for Rachel another time. Today, I want to share her experience with the Bilingual Playclub class.

Having been through the full cycle of Bilingual Playclub (4 terms) with Ryan, we were very familiar with the programme and we knew that babydoll would enjoy it very much. We signed her up the moment that she was old enough for it (18 months).

So does babydoll enjoy it? Oh yes, very much! From her first session, she has been very happy. She is interested and participates keenly in all the activities.

This is the branch at Big Splash, East Coast Park. The classroom accommodates the class of around 18 children and their parents very comfortably. I remember feeling a little cramped in the classroom at the old Evans Road branch during Ryan's time, but this one at Big Splash is nice and spacious. The unique thing about this branch, compared to the others, is that, every term, one of the outdoor sessions is for beach play - which is when everyone gets to go down to the beach! Nice! 

These photos were taken at her first class, at the beginning of this year. She enjoys the (small) playground very much and will always allocate time for it during outdoor play. For example, if the class is having swimming that week, she will go for her swim and, ten minutes or so before the end of the outdoor segment, she will get out of the pool and go to the playground to play with the push cars and play structures there. She does this on her own, unprompted.

I'm also sharing these photos because I want to show you this dress which I made for babydoll many months ago (I mentioned it in this post back in October last year). I used a pattern called The "Maggie Mae" by Shwin Designs. The solid red fabric is linen and the white fabric with red apples is cotton. The buttons are apples - I was actually inspired by the buttons to make this dress!

It is a little short for her now, so I'll be making another one soon!

Ok, that's all for today!


Lin said...

Hi, i am confused to send my child of 14months to shichida or heguru classes. Can gou advise the pro and cons of each school?

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hi Lin, the pros and cons of each school are very personal - each person will value different factors differently. For example, you may not like to do home practice, whereas others may enjoy it. Or you may like to have more hands on stuff, whereas others may not. Focus on your own reason for wanting to sign up for these classes and see which class will help you to achieve that. :)

dada said...

Hi Pinkie Pirate , i love to read your blog ! Didnt swing by for some time. And just read that Rachel switched fr Heguru to Shichida. Mind sharing the reason ? Btw where do you buy all her dresses? You spend alot on them im sure.

Thank u in advance , Ida.

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