Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Updates on Ryan

These days, Ryan has been impressing me with his social skills and self-confidence. He is not shy or withdrawn with people; he is polite and courteous; and he is interested to ask them questions about themselves.

Today he was with me in my office and he told me that he wanted to wash his hands. I was busy vetting a document so I asked him to go to the pantry and ask aunty (the tea lady) to help him. He said okay and told me, "I'm going to pretend to be an adult". He was gone quite a while and I started to wonder what happened. A while later, he popped back into my room and told me, "Mummy, I went to the potty". 

I was completely in shock because, to get to the toilet, he would have had to get out of the office door using a key card, open the toilet door using a number code and lock the door using the fancy lock mechanism. To get back in, he would have to unlock that fancy lock and then open the office door using a key card. Plus my office door is heavy for a little kid to pull open.

He told me that someone helped him. And I was even more in shock because he would have had to approach someone and explain his predicament and articulate the help he needed. Wow, just wow. My four year old is growing wings.

In other news, Ryan's IQ test results came back from Shichida last week. Shichida says that its IQ test is different from the other IQ tests out there, but generally the higher score the better and it also told us what the range of what most students scored. Ryan's score far surpassed this range. Ryan's score, if translated to an IQ test like the one Mensa administers, places him in the "genius" or "highly gifted" category. I don't know how he compares to the other students, and I didn't ask how the other students fared. Just something interesting to note.

Do you like the T-shirt he's wearing in the photos above? I sewed it up and Richard applied the image to the front using a transfer. The image was shot with Richard's iPhone and edited using both an app and Photoshop. In the image, Ryan is wearing another T-shirt that I sewed for him, which is actually a different colour. You can see it on him in this post. The pattern for both of the T-shirts is the Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew.

The shorts are also mama-made, using the Kid Shorts pattern by Made. I made a pair for Rachel too, in the same fabric with a variation on the same pattern. Here they are, front and back.

That's all for now!


Linda said...

hi! I live that you sew for your kids. I have a 15month old baby girl and would like to do the same. can I know where you normally get your fabrics? and patterns for little girls? the multicolour check is lovely. what sewing machine do you use?. I am a complete newbie at this. any pointers on how n where to start is much appreciated :). thanks!

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hi Linda! In Singapore, you can buy fabrics from People's Park Complex in Chinatown, Spotlight in Plaza Singapura and Arab Street. The multicoloured checked fabric is a cotton pique from Spotlight. You can buy patterns from Spotlight or over the internet, and you can also get some free ones (simple ones) over the internet. How to start? Buy a sewing machine! :) Any brand will do, just don't buy too cheap/simple. Buy something decent and reliable. Email me if you need help, although I have to confess that I'm still an amateur! Good luck!

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