Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend update

Our weekend was less eventful than our previous one, except ... and this is a big "except" ... Richard and I went to watch Pet Shop Boys in concert! Woohoo!

Yes, you read that right, Pet Shop Boys. Ahem.

Some of you can't tell if I'm being sarcastic? I haven't decided either. Heh. No, no, I do like their music and it was a superb concert. The band was here to promote their new album, Electric, but they played enough of their golden oldies to keep everyone happy, ending the night with, what else, West End Girls. Actually, Richard is their faithful fan. He has every single album, which means that I have also heard all their music by default. We were definitely among the hard-core fan(atics) chanting "All day all day/Watch them all fall down/All day all day/Domino dancing" and when it came time to sing "Go West", we marched along with the best of them.

We dropped off the littles at their nanny's before the concert and picked them up after. Took them for supper, which was actually dinner for Richard and me, because the traffic was so bad that we didn't have time for dinner before the concert. By the time we got everyone home, it was close to midnight. Everyone went to la-la land pretty quickly. Richard and I were exhausted, having been on our feet for nearly two hours at the concert (we were moshing right in front of the stage!) and it was way past bedtime for the littles.

That was Saturday night. The day was spent in the usual way - Rachel went for Heguru with Richard while I chauffeured Ryan to another class. Richard reported that Rachel spent the whole class near him and did not wander off in search of adventure. Her behaviour was so strikingly different that, after the class, Teacher Rhian asked if Rachel was feeling tired! I'm going to give it a couple more lessons before I declare that she is finally settled in.

Sunday was spent, believe it or not, at the airport. We were at T3 from about 5 to 10 pm! We wanted to bring Ryan to Singkids to give him a workout but the boy fell asleep on the drive there, so we hung about with Rachel while he slept in the stroller. Rachel was happy to walk around the airport, Charlie Chaplin style, charming all the passerbys. I kept having to answer questions about her, mostly about how old she is. Around 7 pm, we decided to have dinner at Gurney Drive. Ryan managed to sleep through that too. When he finally woke up and realised where he was, there was no holding back - we had to stay on for Singkids. Both kids went in, which meant that Rachel had another workout. After that, we still had to feed Ryan his belated dinner. By the time we got home, it was the end of another exhausting day.

Here are some photos from Saturday morning, when we woke up early enough to go for a prata breakfast. Ryan has taken to eating "tissue prata" - he loves it because it is served as a huge cone. We introduced it when he started learning about 3-D shapes so I guess it tied in with his "sensitive period" for learning, as per Montessori teaching. Heh heh, maybe I should think about other types of food which I can introduce according to his sensitive periods!

I wanted to share this series of photos of babydoll, asking for her share of the prata. They're hilarious!

"Give me some, Papa."

"Hey you, what are you doing? I said, give me some!"

"I'm telling you, don't mess around with me!"

"Don't mess with the best, cos the best don't mess!"

Haha, babydoll is usually very ladylike and girly, so it was really quite amusing to capture these photos! (to clarify - the third shot in the series was a fluke shot. She wasn't actually threatening me!)


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