Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weekend update

We had a little variety in our routine last weekend because Richard had to take a meeting on Saturday, which clashed with Ryan's violin class and Rachel's Heguru class. We contemplated skipping both classes but I decided to bring Rachel to Ryan's violin class so that we could at least go for that. I was not sure how it would work if I brought Ryan to Heguru, so I decided to skip Heguru. As it turned out, Ophelia graciously invited us to her place for her newborn's first month party on Saturday, which meant no Heguru class in any event! Heh heh! As I always say, things always fall into place somehow.

Photo time! Here's Ryan in violin class.

I think Ryan much prefers the guitar. Here he is at home rocking it out with a toy guitar.

The party at Ophelia's place was fun! I managed to catch up with many of the mummies whom I'd not spoken to in a while. It's interesting to see how we all make different choices in our parenting but still share common ups and downs.

Sunday was swimming day! We had breakfast at our usual prata joint, which just opened after renovations - service was slow that day and we were a little late for swimming. 

Babydoll was her usual babydoll-self.

The rest of the day was spent on Shichida as well as some activities at home for Ryan.

Playground in the evening. Ryan loves this climbing apparatus and gets more daring everytime he plays on it.

We walked past this house on our way back from the playground and Ryan said it was a farm. He asked me where the farm animals were.

Ryan described this hole in the ground as a "burrow". To which I said, "That's right." He was introduced to the term in Shichida linking memory and it folded neatly into our weekly visit to the rabbit pen at St James Church Kindergarten after his swimming lesson. While we admire the rabbits, we talk about what the rabbits eat, what they do and where they sleep. Over the past few weeks, we've noticed the rabbits digging burrows. Two weeks ago, the rabbits were done and, when we couldn't spot them above ground, we had fun trying to guess whether the rabbits were sleeping in their burrows. Here, he was applying what we had been talking about so I didn't want to tell him that this was a smelly drain, and not a nice comfy burrow, and take the risk of killing his interest.

Last photo for the post - my little rascal on his wheels!


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