Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ryan's 3rd birthday

Ryan turned three on 22 January 2012. It was the eve of the Lunar New Year this year, so we were in Malaysia for the family reunion dinner. 

The first thing Ryan wanted to do when he woke up was to play with his alphabet set, making words, arranging the letters in alphabetical order and just standing the letters up on their sides.

After that, it was time for a bath with daddy!

Then it was time for other fun activities. Here's Ryan playing with his Noddy Funbook!

For lunch, we went to have dim sum at a restaurant near our place, although Ryan didn't eat much.

Being the eve of the Lunar New Year, it was a quiet day, with most restaurants and shops being closed. By the afternoon, the neighbourhood was pretty deserted. We spent the day at home, just relaxing and lazing about. Around teatime, we took Ryan to A&W!

In the evening, it was time for the reunion dinner cum birthday celebration! Mary bought a birthday cake shaped like Elmo!

My baby is three years old!

After dinner, we all went back to Richard's parents' place to wait for the Lunar New Year, as per tradition (this is supposed to give your parents long life). Richard played mahjong with his parents while I played with Ryan (not mahjong!).

It was a good day. Ryan was surrounded by love all day and he was happy and in a good mood from start to finish. It was a reflection of the journey to his 3rd birthday, which has been nothing but beautiful. Ryan has filled our lives and our hearts with nothing but joy.

I taught Ryan that the answer to the question, "How old are you?" is "I'm three years old" and I spent the whole day asking him that same question because I couldn't get used to the fact. My baby is three!

Happy 3rd birthday, son. We love you.


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