Friday, December 9, 2011

Cardboard Box Challenge Part 2

It occurred to me that I had not followed up on our Cardboard Box Challenge! Back in May, I issued a challenge to Richard to make something using at least one used cardboard box. Read this post to see his entry.

My response was the ugliest playhouse you could imagine.

I fashioned it out of two cardboard boxes and plastered it with masking tape. What it lacked in style, it fully made up in substance. It had walls and a roof plus windows and a skylight. It was large enough to house Ryan and Richard, yet still small enough to be cozy.  

They stayed inside, read books by torchlight, shared little-boy jokes, played their secret games, pretended they were camping under the moonlight, and just hid away from the world.

There was a door, which could open and close. And just as it should be for all good playhouses, membership was very exclusive - not everyone had the right of entry.

"Who goes there? What's the password?"

Oh yes, it had a mailbox too.

We played with it for a couple of days, carting it upstairs and downstairs.

I did try to beautify it a little (see the green wall with the yellow stripe) but Ryan didn't seem to care so I didn't bother to continue. It wasn't at all sturdy so it didn't last. Still, Ryan got a huge kick out of it while it was alive.


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