Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More randomness

I am still working hard on a little creation so please bear with me a little while longer. It's coming along slowly but, hopefully, surely. Will share soon.

In the meantime, here are some snippets from the week that was. Sorry, no pictures - I haven't been snapping, which is unusual for me - I will get back on that horse soon!

- Ryan has been repeating phrases that he picked up here and there. Sometimes, he does it at random. Driving to his nanny's place with him sitting at the back, I might hear him say, "Stand back, please!" or "I like yellow!" (his favourite colour is actually green).

- Ryan has been keeping extremely late nights lately, often getting to bed at 2 to 3 am. Last night, he was dancing and singing (screaming) from midnight till 2 am. I think we have the makings of a party animal here.

- Lately, Richard has been very involved in taking care of Ryan in the evenings after work, mainly because I've been so tired. So Richard has been doing the evening-shift, playing with Ryan while I rest. Then, when Ryan is ready to sleep, I'll take over. Ryan insists on latching to sleep and sleeping while stuck to me - and that contributes to my tiredness because he has been keeping such late nights. I usually only get to fall asleep after he falls deep into slumber and unlatches.

- Ryan told me that "A" is for "Aiyo".

- I pointed to my boob (the nipple) and asked Ryan, "What's this?"
He replied, "M-I-L-K."

- Richard set up a small basketball hoop in Ryan's room and they've been playing with it non-stop.

- Ryan had his last Edudrama class last Saturday. There was a mini-party for the English session and we brought some mini Chips Ahoy! as our contribution. Somebody brought packets of dried Japanese seaweed for the children (huh?).

- After many months of neglect, playdough made a comeback!

- We finally opened the very last of Ryan's birthday presents (yes, from January!). We've started talking, just casually, about Ryan's next birthday. The timing is a little awkward because it falls on the eve of Chinese New Year, so if we want to throw a party, we'll have to plan it carefully. But first, there's Christmas!

Hope your week was as interesting!



"A stands for Aiyo".. hahahah.. well it does! though I spell it Ahyo lol

have you seen the Mr Moon show at Compass Point?

Pinkie Pirate said...

No, we didn't see Mr Moon! Heard that all the shows (Barney, Hi-5, Mr Moon, Chuggington, etc.) are packed with people! We haven't mustered the courage to brave the crowds!

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