Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Ryan!

The lesson for Ryan's PlayClub class this week is the colour gold and we were asked to come wearing something gold. Ryan doesn't have anything gold in his wardrobe and I certainly wasn't going to get him a gold pair of shorts or anything like that. So it was time for another project!

After tossing around some ideas, I decided to make a gold cape. Ryan likes wrapping his blanket around him like a cape and strutting about, so I've been meaning to make him a proper cape for dress-up play. This was the push I needed to get it done!

The cape was dead easy to make. There was absolutely no sewing involved, especially as I chose jersey material which doesn't fray (no fraying = no hemming!). Just measure, fold in half, cut and you've already done the hard part. Do give it a go!

Material is metallic foil jersey in gold from Spotlight.
I drew the outline free-hand then cut away the unwanted bits.
The finishing touch was ...

An orange "R"! It's Super Ryan!

Richard cut the "R" out from a sheet of adhesive-backed felt. I think it gives the cape a great personality. 

The cape can fasten around the neck, which Ryan wasn't keen on. It can also fasten onto Ryan's top, which is what you see in the pictures. I used sticky-back velcro dots for fastening. 

I think Ryan enjoyed his cape very much! He had a good session today, he had lots of attention and love from everyone. It was also his lucky day because they let the children have swimming instead of the scheduled water play.

Ryan knocked out in the car on the way home (about 4 pm) and slept till the morning. Being a superhero is hard work!


Kenny Leow said...

wakaka.... Superhero is definitely tough work.

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