Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday's here again

It's Monday again. Back to the grindstone. This week's pace promises to be just as challenging as last week's.

Thankfully, we had an enjoyable weekend. I had to take in a meeting at my clients' office on Saturday morning but it was interesting enough, which made up for the fact that it was a 9 am meeting at Tuas. After a good mental workout at the meeting, I was given the grand tour of my clients' shipyard. They are shipbuilders and yacht repairers, so there were a few ships and yachts both in and out of the water. I even got to board a private yacht that was being "renovated" - it was AMAZING. I have been on many yachts before but this one was huge and luxurious. The owner lives on board with his wife and two children and crew. The owner told me that, having lived on the water for a few years now, he never wants to go back to living on land, he just loves it.

Got home about 2.30pm and managed to put my feet up for a bit while Ryan was having his nap. When he woke up, we drove over to the Leows and on the way there, we stopped by at Valley Point. We were inside the Starbucks ordering our drinks when Ryan pulled my hand and insisted on going outside. So I let him lead me out and he made a beeline for the fountain at the lobby. This isn't unusual because Ryan absolutely loves anything to do with water. The amazing thing is that the fountain wasn't switched on and there was no water in it so there was no way he would have known it was a fountain. Then I remembered that, when he was an infant, maybe a year ago, I was at the lobby waiting for Richard to pick us up and I was carrying Ryan in my arms showing him the fountain. That was the only time that Ryan has seen that fountain and he was only a few months old yet he still remembers. How incredible!

Dinner was a pleasant Thai affair at Tawandang in Dempsey. Ryan and Matthias were top fans of the live band - they went up and parked themselves right in front, sitting almost on the stage. After dinner, we adjourned to the Leows' place and enjoyed their hospitality for a while before we called it a night.

It was drizzling the next morning so we skipped Ryan's swimming lesson. We went to United Square for lunch. Popped into the Toys 'R' Us to pick up a fresh batch of toys for Ryan, taking advantage of the Great Singapore Sale discounts. No Shichida this week, the term has ended and there is a week's break before the start of the next term.

In the evening, we attended a housewarming party at Carabelle condo at West Coast Way. This is a huge development (338 units over 237,000 sq ft of land) and there are five swimming pools plus other water features, like fountains and a huge fish pond with a pergola in the middle. For Ryan, it was heaven. At every pool which we passed, he wanted to go straight into the water - with his shoes and jeans on.

Back home, we managed to watch a DVD ("Public Enemies" starring Johnny Depp) before crawling into bed and saying goodbye to the weekend.


Kenny Leow said...

haha... You called that hospitality? Nothing was served wor... Except Ryan threw the ball backwards and Matt trying to take the ball from him...

It's good to see the boys started to communicate with each other in their own ways...

BTW, here's my review on Brainy Child.

Pinkie Pirate said...

Ah, good company and interesting conversation is all that matters.

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