Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tour of Marina Bay

Today we joined an outing organised by one of the Jan 2009 SMH mummies. 6 of us (mummies and babies) went on the Ducktour around Marina Bay. Basically, it is a bus/boat tour where they take you for a short trip around the Suntec City area and the civic district, then the bus/boat goes into the Marina Bay for a short trip around the bay and back. Thankfully, the weather was not hot (although very humid) and it didn't rain while we were out (a light rain started up on our way back).

Ryan had a rough night last night, he only slept about 3 hours from 2 to 5 am, so he was pretty zombie-fied today. He managed to catch a short nap just before we got on the Duck so I think he did manage to enjoy himself during the 1-hour long ride. After the Ducktour, we went to have some food and drinks with the mummies and Ryan started to get quite tired - he was fussy and cranky, rubbing his eyes and whining. We soon left, and he quickly dozed off in his car seat on the way home. That was about 4 plus pm. It's 11 pm now and he's still asleep!


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