Sunday, November 8, 2009


We went to Hwa Xia today after more than a month of no tubbing. Ryan still has lots of sessions left on his package as well as some free sessions he won in their contest in September.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that we can no longer con Ryan into believing that flapping about in a tub the size of a washing machine qualifies as swimming. The smart boy knows that all that exertion isn't going to get him anywhere. So I made a deal with him that, after the contest, he wouldn't have to do all that pointless kicking and flapping anymore.

Well, he showed me that he was serious about our deal. When we strapped on the neck float and lowered him into the tub today, he started to yell and fuss, which he has never done before. Even the shop staff were surprised, as they remembered him from the contest as having no problems at all.

So we switched the neck float for a float that he could just sit in. This way, he didn't have to do any useless kicking and flapping about and he could just relax in the water and play with the floating toys. This made more sense to him - no more pretend swimming! - and he was much happier.


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