Sunday, August 2, 2009

Your Baby Can Read?

Ryan hardly watches television, simply because Richard and I don't watch much television, and even when the television set is on, Ryan doesn't pay much attention to it. We do, however, have one set of DVDs for Ryan to watch. It is a programme to teach babies to read and it's called, what else, "Your Baby Can Read". The parent is supposed to watch the DVD together with the baby and read the words out aloud and do the accompanying actions. We started Ryan on this programme when he was about a month old and, at first, he didn't want to sit through the entire show. Gradually, he started paying more and more attention and lately, he's even been smiling and grinning at certain parts.

Generally however, I think that he's getting bored of it. Here he is watching the programme, looking very much like he would rather be doing something else.

[Update: We stopped using this programme after a few months because, for various reasons, we did not feel that this approach was right. It was actually this moment in this photo which convinced me that we should stop. Please read this post for our reasons.]


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