Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Friday/Easter Sunday weekend

We decided to spend the long weekend in KL as my last hurrah! before going back to work. Richard and I packed half a bag of clothes each. Ryan, at two and a half months old, had one entire bag of tiny rompers, pajamas, tops and bottoms plus one diaper bag and a stroller.

The best thing about the trip, and the whole point of it, was that we managed to spend some time with family and friends (Oi Lin and Kar Yee) to see how they are doing and to catch up with them. We also celebrated Richard's dad's birthday (which falls on 24th).

Ryan was the star of the show, of course. He was hugged and cuddled and kissed and squeezed and tickled and petted and caressed. His every expression elicited squeals of delight from his captive audience. It was really amazing to witness the joy a small baby can bring.


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