Saturday, February 7, 2009


We have had some visitors at our home and lots of gifts. Big J came over the day we got back from the hospital and Voon Hooi came over the following Saturday and the Fams came over the Saturday after that. Mahjong resumed very quickly, I think we only skipped one week!

Terri and Vincent drove all the way down from KL to visit us on 2 February 2009. It was wonderful to be able to see them and to catch up. I took the opportunity to drive them out for breakfast the next day while Ryan was sleeping. It felt good to be out of the house and to be doing ‘normal’ things. I was starting to feel like a sick person being cooped up in the house, bathing with herbal water, drinking only warm longan and red date water, being restricted in my movements because of the swelling and the stitches, feeling pain in my fingers and wrists from the water retention. My bedroom was always dark because either Ryan was sleeping or both of us were sleeping. Being out and about in the sun felt great, as if I had just recovered from a sickness. It lifted my spirits.

Here's a photo taken when Terri was here, when Ryan was 11 days old.

In other news, Daddy got Ryan's Singapore birth certificate. Next step is to get his Malaysian birth certificate and his passport. We have been trying to get a good passport photo of Ryan. This is easier said than done because Ryan can't hold his head up yet and if you lay him down, his head will turn to the side. We tried all sorts of angles and positions. In the end, the best shot was achieved by laying him down on a contoured pillow so that his head is in a fixed position facing the camera.

This is the final product. Yes, I know Ryan will want to forget this but never will.


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